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Today we are proud to present you our newest tool called Rules of Survival Hack dedicated to mobile devices like iPhone or any Android Device. We were working more than 2 months to develop Rules of Survival. Thanks to our amazing developer team we are happy to show you various cheat options which are not available in the internet for everyone.

rules of survival hackRules of Survival Hack Download

Have you ever wondered to be the last one in Rules of Survival?

Thanks to our Rules of Survival Cheats you can now kill everyone in the game without any problems. We offer you unique opportunity to get features like Aimbot, Wallhack, Ping Correction, Shoot prediction, Drop Alerts and many more feature which you can check belowRules of Survival Hack

Why we developed Rules of Survival Hack?

Many people ask us why we produced something like Rules of Survival Hack. As you may know, we are too players and like challanging games. We also hate cheaters and untrustful developers which are producing scams with not working tools. As staged Rules of Survival players we decided to improve our game experience by developing Rules of Survival Hack Tool for various devices to make everyone able to win game with cheats or with bad internet connection, because it is very common in the game.

Rules of Survival Hack Description

This is that moment where you should know something important about our Rules of Survival Mod/Hack. First of all we don’t accept sharing it accros the whole internet. It is available only for our users and it shouldn’t be pass to other developers. We don’t like that kind of things and we will ban every move like this.

Rules of Survival Cheats Preview

Our cheat will make a pro player from everyone, but you need to play safety to stay away of manual ingame punishment. You an also play on may accounts if you want, but never give to administrators any info about our tool!

Rules of Survival Hack: Major Features

✔Auto Aim
✔Custom Aim Key
✔Customize FOV (Field of View)
✔Aim Smoothing
✔Ping Correction
✔FPS Correction
✔Muzzle Correction
✔Lock-On Indicator
✔Nametag ESP
✔Health ESP
✔3D Box ESP
✔Item Drop ESP
✔Dead Player ESP
✔Vehicle ESP
✔Plane ESP
✔Mouse Driven In-Game Menu
✔Game Client Undetected
✔Custom Crosshair
✔Display FPS
✔Display Resolution
✔Display Time
✔Display Watermark

Rules of Survival Hack Download

Rules of Survival Hack Download

Changelog of Rules of Survival Cheats/Hack:

v0.76 – Minor changes in ESP (Vehicle, Dead Player, 3d Box)

v0.80 – Added Displaying FPS, Improved Aimbot

v0.85 – Ping & FPS Correction, Improved Safe Aimbot option

v0.90 – Game Client Undetected and minor changes in Crosshair

v1.00 – Customizing FOV

v1.05 – Huge improvements in Aimbot (Final Version)

v1.10 – Changes in Design & ESP

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